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Anti-stress Peak Performance Coach

I am committed to helping people create a minimal-toxin life (body, mind, spirit, professionally and socially) with increased production, peace of mind, and personal power. 

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What if.... you could increase productivity And

reduce stress?

Hey there! My name is Nita Marquez, and I am an Anti-Stress Peak Performance Coach. It’s great to make your acquaintance! 

First off, I’d like to say thank you for stopping here on the page and sharing your time and energy with me. I appreciate that very much! 

What I Do Professionally:

I support high achievers in maximizing balance to reduce their stress while we increase their quality of life and long term productivity.


What I Have Done:

I have amassed powerful results for myself and others with extensive experience & education in physical fitness, neurolinguistic programming, trauma recovery, meditation, anger management, neurological development & performance, and nutrition as it relates to all of these areas. 


I have been the sole provider and caretaker for my 3 children for 17 years. My daughters are college graduates, and my son is a high school senior. My children are all entertainment industry professionals. 


I have two clothing lines, a podcast, and a very long history & solid track record in the fitness industry as a professional athlete and a fitness model. I’ve been a freelance writer, public speaker, and personal trainer/nutritionist since 1997. 


I always say that certificates decorate walls, but experience decorates our commitment. My experience is my degree, and my certification shows in my results. I commit to my clients with the level of commitment I've given to my children.

I Am Committed:

I am committed to helping people create a minimal-toxin life (body, mind, spirit, professionally and socially) with maximized personal power. Keep reading and let me share the system I use even today to help me, myself, maintain a healthy balance for family, fitness, and my businesses, topped off with a supportive social life.


I was on my own at the age of 13, so onlookers didn't really see a future for me as a loser dropout kid who was clearly lost. I committed myself to become a Champion in every respect of my life, and that’s why I call this the CHAMPION Life System.


Let's Get Started:



Every champion, every happily successful person, and every stress-free parent has orderliness and efficiency through maintaining a clean environment.



The body and brain are both at least 75% water. Every person who is active in mind or body or both requires ample hydration. I recommend 3-6 L daily (or more, if you feel the thirst).



Every champion feels a sense of freedom. Winners aren’t always millionaires, but they have an awareness that there is a choice with their current space, time, and money. The consciousness of choice in abundance. Money, space, and time are integral thereof.



Champions are conscious of their breath and they practice connectedness to their breath, which fuels their movement, and manages their emotions so that they can operate optimally.



Activity does not require pain, gains, or aesthetic reward. Whilst the former is beneficial for some goals, it’s not the goal of all activity. Playing is simply activity in movement.



You are the sum of the people you’re with most. Whomever you’re around will determine the things you’ll do and places you’ll go. You are a product of your environment. Champions choose to put energy into relationships that flow with what they are building for their future.



Champions are human beings, with human lives, that will always contain human challenges. The CHAMPION understands that there is growth to be had in all circumstances, and they are conscious of the opportunity to grow, no matter what the conditions are. 



Nourishing the body and mind are imperative. Choosing delicious foods (your palette needs nourishment, too!) with nutrients, vitamins, and rich cellular stimulation will support your strength and efficiency in all areas of life.


The benefit of my program:

There are two kinds of success: stressed success and blissful success. A CHAMPION is successful and happy


When you upgrade your life in the eight key areas that are common among all CHAMPIONs, you become more efficient.  With maximum efficiency, you experience minimization of stress. To this degree of stress reduction, you still have stress, but you have the first kind of stress, which is a kind of stress that helps you to grow. That’s what you want. So you dramatically reduce stress through maximizing balance, and as a fringe benefit, you minimize the assholes in your life, too!

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This has been amazing growth from the inside out! From losing weight to enjoying more time with my family to getting right with what really matters! Nita introduced me to her CHAMPION Mindset program. It’s like therapy mixed with nutrition and both physical and mindfulness training.  With the emotional stresses of COVID, being a single mom, and keeping up being a Managing Partner at my work ... life gets crazy... that’s where having a CHAMPION Mindset has been a life saver!!! Nita, this is an amazing journey so far! The next 3 months are going to be even better!


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