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Be Phenomenal 


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The Truth About Reducing Stress and Increasing the Quality of EVERYTHING

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What if.... you could
increase productivity
and reduce stress?

Welcome! I'm so happy to connect with you!

I am Nita Marquez, an Anti-Stress and Peak Performance Coach.  As a former professional athlete, it has been my life mission to use my expertise to be of service to others in truly impactful ways. This is what led me to create the CHAMPION System.

What I Do Professionally:

I support high achievers in maximizing balance to reduce their stress, which leads to an increased  quality of life and long-term productivity.

What I Have Done:

I have amassed powerful results for myself and others with extensive experience & education in physical fitness, neurolinguistic programming, trauma recovery, meditation, anger management, neurological development & performance, and nutrition as it relates to all of these areas. 


I have been the sole provider and caretaker for my 3 children for 20 years. My daughters went to college,

and my son just graduated high school. My children are all entertainment industry professionals. 


I have a clothing line, a podcast, and a very long history and a solid track record in the fitness industry

as a professional athlete and a fitness model. I’ve been a freelance writer, public speaker, and

personal trainer/nutritionist/life coach since 1997.


I always say that certificates decorate walls, but experience decorates our commitment. 

My experience is my degree, and my certification shows in my results. 

I commit to my clients with the level of commitment I've given to my children.


This has been amazing growth from the inside out! From losing weight to enjoying more time with my family to getting right with what really matters! Nita introduced me to her CHAMPION Mindset program. It’s like therapy mixed with nutrition and both physical and mindfulness training.  With the emotional stresses of COVID, being a single mom, and keeping up being a Managing Partner at my work ... life gets crazy... that’s where having a CHAMPION Mindset has been a lifesaver!!! Nita, this is an amazing journey!

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