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I Am Committed:

I am committed to helping people create a minimal-toxin life (body, mind, spirit, professionally and socially) with maximized personal power. Keep reading and let me share the system I use even today to help me, myself, maintain a healthy balance for family, fitness, and my businesses, topped off with a supportive social life.


I was on my own at the age of 13, so onlookers didn't really see a future for me as a loser dropout kid who was clearly lost. I committed myself to become a Champion in every respect of my life, and that’s why I call this the CHAMPION Life System.


I believe in you

Many of us experienced and overcame challenges that would appear to make us unfit for success. Nonetheless, we succeeded, and in "success" we found emptiness, fear, insecurity, toxic patterns, failed relationships, pain and struggles. When do we finally just enjoy life?

I have committed over two decades of my life to the study, practice, and creation of life-impact tools for myself and others. With over 25 years in a career of fitness, entrepreneurship, coaching, and raising a family (alone), I can say this with great clarity: Learning to live life in actionable balance has helped me reduce stress and increase my quality of life. I was rewarded with peace that I never knew was possible. Peace is Power, and Power is Peace, and it is possible for you, too! 

I devised the CHAMPION System for the genuine internal impact that supports a powerful and authentic life upgrade in every layer of life. 

I am honored to have the opportunity of supporting people who trust me to help them through challenges of burnout and voids.
My client results are proof that self-awareness and greater quality of life can be created through the actionable steps of the CHAMPION System. With this system, we live from the inside out, reducing stress, freeing up our nervous systems, which all lead to stronger physical/emotional/mental wellness. That is the key to truly enjoying all the success we are blazing in our trails of glory. 

“Motivation Is Temporary.

Transformation Is Permanent”

- Nita Marquez

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